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Tuesday 20 April 2021



As one of the major arbitral institutions in France, the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris (CAIP) currently resolves disputes arising from domestic and international business transactions in all branches of Commerce &Industry through the means of arbitration and more recently mediation.


Offering an expedient and effective dispute resolution service, the CAIP has successfully resolved tens of thousands of disputes to acquire high credibility from its members and companies of all sizes located around the world.


The CAIP was originally established in 1926 as a non-profit organisation to settle agricultural trade dispute submitted by its member trade associations who, at the time, were all affiliated to the Paris Trade Exchange.


With the gowth of international trade, the CAIP has however extended its activity to cover all sectors of the economy so as to resolve today disputes relating not only to agriculture, but also to IT, investmments, agency agreements, licensing of registered trademarks, franchising contracts, construction and other technical disputes. 



phone. :
01 42 36 99 65
Fax. : 01 42 36 99 58

6 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie
75116 PARIS