About us

A historical institution

In 1926, the deputy and grain trader Louis Louis-Dreyfus founded the Arbitration Chamber of Paris. At that time, the French Cour de Cassation considered void an arbitration clause incorporated into a contract. It’s the Chamber of Arbitration’s founder who managed for the 31 December 1925 law to be voted on. This law softened the regime applicable to arbitration clauses in commercial matter.

The International Arbitration Chamber of Paris is a non-profit institution with general expertise which aims at making available to companies of every size the necessary means to resolve their dispute through arbitration or mediation. 

The International Arbitration Chamber of Paris was associated to the grain trading sector and has since then expanded its expertise to other industrial and commercial sectors. Nowadays, the CAIP’s expertise is truly general since it intervenes in all types of economic disputes. 

It is now the most ancient arbitral center in activity in France and the first European institution on a statistical level. More than 40.000 disputes in relation to commercial and industrial activities where settled through its intervention, making it an institution with international reputation.

A pragmatic approach

The International Arbitration Chamber of Paris resolves disputes in area as diverse as the agribusiness sector, operations of transports and divestiture of companies, franchise and distribution contracts, intellectual property, etc.

It offers simple, prompt, confidential, affordable proceedings.

CAIP partnered with some of its members to create specific rules of arbitration adapted to the particular practices and customs of each industry (franchise, intellectual property…).

An international purpose

Cases brought before the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris are international for more than half: 70% of arbitration proceedings involve at least one foreign party; 30% of arbitration proceedings involve two foreign parties.

Committed professionals

The International Arbitration Chamber of Paris is run by a board of directors composed of association and professional syndicates’ representatives who wish to preserve in the best possible way commercial and industrial companies’ competitiveness.

In order to bring solutions to its members, partners, business executives and in a broader sense, to any person who wish to find out more about arbitration or mediation, the Chamber offers custom made trainings.

The Chamber organizes events and takes part in seminars to promote amicable settlement, especially for companies who wish to focus on their main activity and maintain their relationship with their partners, even in case of difficulties.

Connected to a variety of commercial and industrial activities, the CAIP has heard more than 40.000 disputes since its creation.

  • Our ambition: inform, train, accompany

  • Our values: attentiveness, respect, expertise

  • Our singularity: excellence at an affordable price.

Our premises

The International Arbitration Chamber of Paris is run by a board of directors assisted by a secretary-general and a scientific board.

Board of directors

The International Arbitration Chamber of Paris is presided by Baudouin Delforge.

General Secretary

The Secretary-General of the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris is Arnau Puig Tiemblo.

Scientific board

Established in 2011, the scientific board, composed of academics, lawyers, judges and renowned arbitration and mediation professionals, helps the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris evolve in the conduct of its activities and reinforce its effectiveness. Its purpose is also to promote and reflect on the rules and practices in arbitration and mediation. The scientific board also contributes to the development of the trainings’ content and program.

Our experts

The Paris International Court of Arbitration involves arbitrators and mediators specialized in different industries and with highly developed skills.

Our partners

In the context of its international relations, CAIP has signed several partnerships with foreign arbitration centers:


The Russian Arbitration Association is a Russian center for arbitration which promotes alternative resolution mechanisms in Russia.

On 23 October 2014, the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris and the Russian Arbitration Association have signed a cooperation agreement where they offer mutual assistance in the constitution of arbitral tribunals and trainings. This agreement also promotes the development of international arbitration and alternative resolution mechanisms by facilitating information exchange and publication.

CIETAC (China)

The China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) is one of the principle arbitration institution. Formerly known as the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission, CIETAC was set up in April 1956 under the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).  This arbitration commission was first renamed as Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in 1980 and then as the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in 1988.

Since 2000, CIETAC is also known as the Arbitration Court of the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC).

Headquartered in Beijing, CIETAC has sub-commissions in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Tianjin respectfully known as Shanghai Sub-Commission, South China Sub-Commission in Shenzhen, Southwest Sub-Commission in Chongqing and Tianjin International Economic and Financial Arbitration Center (Tianjin Sub-Commission). 

In order to meet its arbitration practices’ development needs, CIETAC also signed in 2011 a Cooperation agreement with the International Arbitration Chamber of Paris


The arbitration and mediation chamber of São Paulo (Fecomercio Arbitral) was created in partnership with CAIP. It is located in Brazil and presided by lawyer Dr. Ives Gandra da Silva Martins. Its purpose is to favor alternative resolution mechanisms like arbitration, mediation, conciliation and to help Brazilian and international companies find prompt solutions to their dispute. 


The International Mediation and Arbitration Center in Rabat is an independent institution created on 12 February 2004 by the Commerce, Industry and Services Chamber of Rabat. Its goal is to settle disputes through arbitration and/or mediation. Furthermore, it also promotes alternative dispute resolution for economic, legal and judicial actors. This institution is well-known in Morocco and internationally. 

CABCBUE (Argentina)

The Cámara Arbitral de la Bolsa de Cereales was founded on 26 May 1905, by a group of grains producers, members of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. This Argentinian institution is the combination of more than a century of experience. It offers the essential services required for the grains, by-products or foodstuffs trade.

The Cámara Arbitral de la Bolsa de Cereales and CAIP have signed in June 2011 a cooperation agreement for mutual collaboration and technical assistance in order to reach common objectives. 

EDAC (Turkey)

The Energy Dispute Arbitration Center is a sectoral arbitration center established on 21 October 2020 within the Energy Law Research Institute in Ankara, Turkey. It was created to solve disputes regarding Energy and Infrastructure Law between companies in Central Asia, Europe, Balkans, Middle East and Africa.

On 9 March 2021, was signed a Memorandum of understanding to promote alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and an arbitration culture. This agreement’s purpose is to cooperate widely by offering mutual legal support, by developing the exchange of information and publications and by doing favors for each other.